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Scar Reduction with Icon Laser Treatments


Rather than living with the reminder that comes with acne and surgical scars, you can now remove them. The Icon laser is designed to reduce the appearance of acne and surgical scars to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin. This scar reduction treatment delivers pulses of laser light directly to acne and surgical scars. Once the scar tissue is broken down, your body naturally produces new, healthier skin. This healthy tissue generated during laser scar treatment should help the scar fade away to reveal clearer, smoother skin.


A single acne and surgical scar reduction treatment with the Icon laser takes less than 30 minutes. While each patient’s skin and scar condition is different, 3-5 sessions are typically needed to provide optimal results. Multiple sessions may be needed for best results depending on the severity of the scar. This treatment is considered to be of only mild discomfort and is non-invasive, so patients are able to resume their daily activities following treatment, no downtime required.

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