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Well Woman Exams


It is recommended that a comprehensive Well Woman Exam be performed for adult women on a routine basis. At Enliven Medical Clinic, this visit is educational with preventive measures. It includes a pelvic exam, breast exam and pap test for cervical cancer screening based on guidelines.  Methods of contraception are discussed and offered as needed.

At Enliven Medical Clinic, we maintain a sensitive and caring approach during this visit.  Before every patient’s clinical exam, their concerns are addressed, and questions are answered in detail by the physician in a relaxed and private setting.  This is followed by a very understanding and comprehensive history taking which includes a complete summary of the woman’s medical, surgical, social, and family history.

Specific questions are asked in order to obtain accurate information. As an example, some patients may not include miscarriages or abortions when asked about past pregnancies. Or some patients will equate undergoing a pelvic examination with having a Pap test, and erroneously state that this test was recently performed. Other patients may make inaccurate assumptions about whether their ovaries or cervix were removed with a hysterectomy. This is where a proper education by the physician is helpful.

The process of history taking focuses on patient complaints and concerns as well. The most common gynecologic concerns relate to vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, urinary problems, sexual dysfunction, and infertility. When a woman identifies one of these issues, detailed questioning can guide further evaluation and diagnosis. If more specific treatment or evaluation is required, Enliven Medical Clinic is connected with excellent specialists in the area with the same dedication and commitment.



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