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Mole Removal

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At Enliven Clinic, we use radio frequency (radio wave) surgery for minor cosmetic procedure and benign mole removals.

Mole removal by radio frequency (radio waves) is minimally invasive method which allows the procedure to be done in the most sensitive and delicate areas with minimal to zero scarring, when done professionally.

The wavelength that is used during the procedure, when channeled through an electrode tip, can cut the skin as well as simultaneously coagulate blood to produce a bloodless incision. Also, as it has minimal heat generated, surrounding tissues are unaffected.

Traditionally, these procedure were done by using a scalpel( surgical knife).

Incisions made this way tend to bleed and leave more scarring.

The advantages of radiowave surgery include;

•  No pressure required to make an incision, so it can be more precise.

•  Simultaneous blood coagulation whilst cutting.

•  Incision are bacteria free, leading to significantly reduced risk of infection.

•  Minimal to no scar after healing period.

•  Enhanced healing, with less swelling, bleeding, pain, and infection afterward in comparison to scalpel incisions.